Crazy stuff I say online as therapy

I know how this guy feels. I made a mixture of reagents and I kept getting butterflies, too. (Well, once I got an aardvark but that’s a funny story for another day.) So, after hours of getting butterflies, the whole lab was just stuffed to the rafters with butterflies. There are things you learn when you have a crap-ton of butterflies that you don’t notice when you see one or two in the wild. First thing, is they immediately form an organized army. Then you find out they really dont like people. They came at me. Wave after wave of butterflies on the attack. Another thing you find out is that a squadron of butterflies can rip the flesh off of an average person in under 3 seconds. They are like beautiful flying piranhas. I held them back with some rudimentary torches that I fashioned from a lab coat, mop handle, and ethanol. I managed to escape but poor Mrs. Wilkins, our cleaning lady, was not so lucky. They cleaned her clear down to her bones. It was a horrifying experience and I will never look at a butterfly the same way again.


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